About VT

Integer ASCII code: 11
Binary code: 0000 1011
Octal code: 13
Hexadecimal code: 0B
Group: control
Seq: ^K
C/C++ notation: \v or '\v'

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9227 (html &#9227) hex code: 240B (html &#x240B)


Place the form at the next line tab stop.


input value base type output hash
VT char MD5 13c8ffd977013703a701cf8e11deac65
VT char SHA1 067d5096f219c64b53bb1c7d5e3754285b565a47
11 dec MD5 6512bd43d9caa6e02c990b0a82652dca
11 dec SHA1 17ba0791499db908433b80f37c5fbc89b870084b
00001011 bin MD5 c667fea2a76129f00db993afaa5bce90
00001011 bin SHA1 4260a3f006d0ffd99d3597532b1439840baf0737
0000 1011 bin MD5 06e118120e4c4de431ff6fada3f7b336
0000 1011 bin SHA1 f9f7d389687017dbffdcd7daff4fe1f190830179
13 oct MD5 c51ce410c124a10e0db5e4b97fc2af39
13 oct SHA1 bd307a3ec329e10a2cff8fb87480823da114f8f4
0B hex MD5 0240f4008ea7945e578af97e36bce6ef
0B hex SHA1 b5a6ca48eb9a2f83047ebbe19897ad6bf987069d
0x0B hex MD5 da3237983f92425ee8584acb4269301a
0x0B hex SHA1 ecbaa4b841e012b9a2843f03ad83aabe7ad58328
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