About SOH

Integer ASCII code: 1
Binary code: 0000 0001
Octal code: 1
Hexadecimal code: 01
Group: control
Seq: ^A

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9217 (html &#9217) hex code: 2401 (html &#x2401)


First character of a message header. Hadoop frequently use it in a role of a field separator.


input value base type output hash
SOH char MD5 55a54008ad1ba589aa210d2629c1df41
SOH char SHA1 bf8b4530d8d246dd74ac53a13471bba17941dff7
1 dec MD5 c4ca4238a0b923820dcc509a6f75849b
1 dec SHA1 356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab
00000001 bin MD5 ced165163e51e06e01dc44c35fea3eaf
00000001 bin SHA1 1d102a8cf9879ceec3a7b26104b12e875c13d6a7
0000 0001 bin MD5 02b0a88cc8ffc7e1cdee2f33eaa628b4
0000 0001 bin SHA1 1dc3c7ace5b0381f366f707d8a0869f6dcca34de
1 oct MD5 c4ca4238a0b923820dcc509a6f75849b
1 oct SHA1 356a192b7913b04c54574d18c28d46e6395428ab
01 hex MD5 96a3be3cf272e017046d1b2674a52bd3
01 hex SHA1 ddfe163345d338193ac2bdc183f8e9dcff904b43
0x01 hex MD5 0ee2cb110a9148cc5a67f13d62ab64ae
0x01 hex SHA1 2113f7bfab26c2a0e27ce4df9d4ac43322b9086b
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