About STX

Integer ASCII code: 2
Binary code: 0000 0010
Octal code: 2
Hexadecimal code: 02
Group: control
Seq: ^B

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9218 (html &#9218) hex code: 2402 (html &#x2402)


First character of message text. Besides, it may be used to end the message heading.


input value base type output hash
STX char MD5 9e688c58a5487b8eaf69c9e1005ad0bf
STX char SHA1 c4ea21bb365bbeeaf5f2c654883e56d11e43c44e
2 dec MD5 c81e728d9d4c2f636f067f89cc14862c
2 dec SHA1 da4b9237bacccdf19c0760cab7aec4a8359010b0
00000010 bin MD5 6f7b6fc969e90609fe52d789b471cc22
00000010 bin SHA1 70ebddd000bdcb97373c85302b5380cdd5d19361
0000 0010 bin MD5 5d400e6d864b2575a1d271f211c421cd
0000 0010 bin SHA1 ef28378721f804e143eff5604bbd3f33bc8b1b19
2 oct MD5 c81e728d9d4c2f636f067f89cc14862c
2 oct SHA1 da4b9237bacccdf19c0760cab7aec4a8359010b0
02 hex MD5 a2ef406e2c2351e0b9e80029c909242d
02 hex SHA1 bcac9d1d8eab3713ae489224d0130c9468e7a0e3
0x02 hex MD5 44fd658ab7388e0ebe20f2cb4dbf8ded
0x02 hex SHA1 d6c81010612ae78ac6212fa60776e210b9e47365
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