About SO

Integer ASCII code: 14
Binary code: 0000 1110
Octal code: 16
Hexadecimal code: 0E
Group: control
Seq: ^N

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9230 (html &#9230) hex code: 240E (html &#x240E)


Allows to move to an alternative character set.

Shift Out (SO) and Shift In (SI) are all ASCII control characters 14 and 15, accordingly (0x0E and 0x0F). Sometimes they are also called "Control-N" and "Control-O".

The initial meaning of SO and SI allowed to shift a colored ribbon, split lengthwise, usually with red and black colors, up and down to the other color in an electro-mechanical typewriter or teleprinter, for example in the Teletype Model 38, in order to automate the same function of manual typewriters. Black was the traditional external default value color, so it was shifted "in" or "out" with the other color on the ribbon.

Technological developments that happened later incited another way of use of this function - for switching to a different font or character set and back. For example, it was used in the Russian character set, which is known as KOI7. The principle was as following. SO starts its work on printing Russian letters, and SI starts printing Latin letters again. SO/SI control characters also are used in order to display VT-100 pseudographics, and emoji (Japanese picture icons) on SoftBank Mobile. ISO/IEC 2022 standard determines their generalized usage.


input value base type output hash
SO char MD5 4dedb2240a1e0f038dcdc8b3de92264c
SO char SHA1 320355ced694aa69924f6bb82e7b74f420303fd9
14 dec MD5 aab3238922bcc25a6f606eb525ffdc56
14 dec SHA1 fa35e192121eabf3dabf9f5ea6abdbcbc107ac3b
00001110 bin MD5 9f0ed64c01dc23328a30a0f7551755b7
00001110 bin SHA1 396fb1457113478e44094238a94a6d50e71a8671
0000 1110 bin MD5 e1dd27b1513d1d3f6e59f2fe446d090e
0000 1110 bin SHA1 b663944fce3bc2176fbf33443897f40e47f7a583
16 oct MD5 c74d97b01eae257e44aa9d5bade97baf
16 oct SHA1 1574bddb75c78a6fd2251d61e2993b5146201319
0E hex MD5 8ee0187e5514f64e77080c203203080b
0E hex SHA1 f3459f2ef08c231355365cd60fef0d5e42f80148
0x0E hex MD5 4b8f4e00f16e64b54f8b99abff991e78
0x0E hex SHA1 44dd34a91ebeadb48693d351cebe8a0ba99ee206
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