About DLE

Integer ASCII code: 16
Binary code: 0001 0000
Octal code: 20
Hexadecimal code: 10
Group: control
Seq: ^P

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9232 (html &#9232) hex code: 2410 (html &#x2410)


Make the following octets to be interpreted not as control codes or graphic characters, but as row data. An introduction would be needed in order to returning to normal usage.


input value base type output hash
DLE char MD5 6b31bdfa7f9bfece263381ffa91bd6a9
DLE char SHA1 6e14a407faae939957b80e641a836735bbdcad5a
16 dec MD5 c74d97b01eae257e44aa9d5bade97baf
16 dec SHA1 1574bddb75c78a6fd2251d61e2993b5146201319
00010000 bin MD5 67c48a97fc25a28dfe183cd9bdd36d25
00010000 bin SHA1 e77956784f6faa73088a3735ed362a5f75a57a3f
0001 0000 bin MD5 5e39eaf1f271fcc46246ff015fc32d27
0001 0000 bin SHA1 1da7f23a6be5d41c93b30b7f7b828f8e436bda3a
20 oct MD5 98f13708210194c475687be6106a3b84
20 oct SHA1 91032ad7bbcb6cf72875e8e8207dcfba80173f7c
10 hex MD5 d3d9446802a44259755d38e6d163e820
10 hex SHA1 b1d5781111d84f7b3fe45a0852e59758cd7a87e5
0x10 hex MD5 7f6a417be70d8c2743207d53badb5c83
0x10 hex SHA1 9042d4228c01b4de806ec84dbdad4bb3796d76d8
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