About DC1

Integer ASCII code: 17
Binary code: 0001 0001
Octal code: 21
Hexadecimal code: 11
Group: control
Seq: ^Q

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9233 (html &#9233) hex code: 2411 (html &#x2411)


These four control codes are allocated in order to implement the device control. Their interpretation is fully depend from the devices, to which they were connected. DC1 and DC2 were originally specified primarily in order to indicate activating a device while DC3 and DC4 were originally specified in order to indicate pausing or turning off a device. In real life practice DC1 and DC3 (known also as XON and XOFF accordingly in this usage) pretty fast became the actual standard for software flow control.


input value base type output hash
DC1 char MD5 47ed733b8d10be225eceba344d533586
DC1 char SHA1 a8abd012eb59b862bf9bc1ea443d2f35a1a2e222
17 dec MD5 70efdf2ec9b086079795c442636b55fb
17 dec SHA1 0716d9708d321ffb6a00818614779e779925365c
00010001 bin MD5 1c7c54925f153e0aaa12758d70af17d2
00010001 bin SHA1 e50706804a369cc79360c76a4e186cae6f4ef57e
0001 0001 bin MD5 c391ae964fbc2f59956b74142c275016
0001 0001 bin SHA1 97c702e07adfe88f5e642cfeaadb157f52c45f81
21 oct MD5 3c59dc048e8850243be8079a5c74d079
21 oct SHA1 472b07b9fcf2c2451e8781e944bf5f77cd8457c8
11 hex MD5 6512bd43d9caa6e02c990b0a82652dca
11 hex SHA1 17ba0791499db908433b80f37c5fbc89b870084b
0x11 hex MD5 9b622d99121c5a3e2beb850545d11573
0x11 hex SHA1 e91e357bd4f71f6a95e98c569bc949a6b57a72dc
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