About DC3

Integer ASCII code: 19
Binary code: 0001 0011
Octal code: 23
Hexadecimal code: 13
Group: control
Seq: ^S

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9235 (html &#9235) hex code: 2413 (html &#x2413)


These four control codes are allocated in order to implement the device control. Their interpretation is fully depend from the devices, to which they were connected. DC1 and DC2 were originally specified primarily in order to indicate activating a device while DC3 and DC4 were originally specified in order to indicate pausing or turning off a device. In real life practice DC1 and DC3 (known also as XON and XOFF accordingly in this usage) pretty fast became the actual standard for software flow control.


MD5 Device Control Three (XOFF)

input value base output hash
DC3 char FFE51D3E7D8297237588704EEDDC6AB2
19 dec 1F0E3DAD99908345F7439F8FFABDFFC4
00010011 bin 5A5379CA4100A9579D33BA85E1ADF799
0001 0011 bin F28E08FD4E165759C47A9F2C9F0BE614
23 oct 37693CFC748049E45D87B8C7D8B9AACD
13 hex C51CE410C124A10E0DB5E4B97FC2AF39
0x13 hex 1F62536EA6E618F00191A795A8BB7434

SHA256 Device Control Three (XOFF)

input value base output hash
DC3 char AB897FBDEDFA502B2D839B6A56100887DCCDC507555C282E59589E06300A62E2
19 dec 9400F1B21CB527D7FA3D3EABBA93557A18EBE7A2CA4E471CFE5E4C5B4CA7F767
00010011 bin C14E0EBB0376BE4946BC29EC9715C8C7CEB3EEAC71CD9502423309626D6F2D06
0001 0011 bin 5034139349E66875FECDA91F200341CFBC35196FA3658933E07051976C9CBA9F
23 oct 535FA30D7E25DD8A49F1536779734EC8286108D115DA5045D77F3B4185D8F790
13 hex 3FDBA35F04DC8C462986C992BCF875546257113072A909C162F7E470E581E278
0x13 hex 3ABB3B91A6D32E00CAAEA026103FEB20925B6B45B0805718FBC1F2BAE236CCC5

Base64 Device Control Three (XOFF)

input value base output hash
DC3 char Ew==
19 dec MTk=
00010011 bin MDAwMTAwMTE=
0001 0011 bin MDAwMSAwMDEx
23 oct MjM=
13 hex MTM=
0x13 hex MHgxMw==
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