About DC2

Integer ASCII code: 18
Binary code: 0001 0010
Octal code: 22
Hexadecimal code: 12
Group: control
Seq: ^R

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9234 (html &#9234) hex code: 2412 (html &#x2412)


These four control codes are allocated in order to implement the device control. Their interpretation is fully depend from the devices, to which they were connected. DC1 and DC2 were originally specified primarily in order to indicate activating a device while DC3 and DC4 were originally specified in order to indicate pausing or turning off a device. In real life practice DC1 and DC3 (known also as XON and XOFF accordingly in this usage) pretty fast became the actual standard for software flow control.


input value base type output hash
DC2 char MD5 a8445619abd08f3ba0ebfcb31183f7f9
DC2 char SHA1 c4f87a6290aee1acfc1f26083974ce94621fca64
18 dec MD5 6f4922f45568161a8cdf4ad2299f6d23
18 dec SHA1 9e6a55b6b4563e652a23be9d623ca5055c356940
00010010 bin MD5 da9b89e06ee7b6c4819b314426592aa7
00010010 bin SHA1 eb700e10a2ef428b669aa12b73bd5f68197568e9
0001 0010 bin MD5 d2d67891e73796eb428f42d23eec8412
0001 0010 bin SHA1 ddeb849e9c13b1044d5decc531d01c7d88638745
22 oct MD5 b6d767d2f8ed5d21a44b0e5886680cb9
22 oct SHA1 12c6fc06c99a462375eeb3f43dfd832b08ca9e17
12 hex MD5 c20ad4d76fe97759aa27a0c99bff6710
12 hex SHA1 7b52009b64fd0a2a49e6d8a939753077792b0554
0x12 hex MD5 a1b3b99420ccb03c65e4bcb7aebca4fc
0x12 hex SHA1 d2b9b24163759388554f53f5aeedd7242522d9bb
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