About DC2

Integer ASCII code: 18
Binary code: 0001 0010
Octal code: 22
Hexadecimal code: 12
Group: control
Seq: ^R

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9234 (html &#9234) hex code: 2412 (html &#x2412)


These four control codes are allocated in order to implement the device control. Their interpretation is fully depend from the devices, to which they were connected. DC1 and DC2 were originally specified primarily in order to indicate activating a device while DC3 and DC4 were originally specified in order to indicate pausing or turning off a device. In real life practice DC1 and DC3 (known also as XON and XOFF accordingly in this usage) pretty fast became the actual standard for software flow control.


MD5 Device Control Two

input value base output hash
DC2 char A8445619ABD08F3BA0EBFCB31183F7F9
18 dec 6F4922F45568161A8CDF4AD2299F6D23
00010010 bin DA9B89E06EE7B6C4819B314426592AA7
0001 0010 bin D2D67891E73796EB428F42D23EEC8412
22 oct B6D767D2F8ED5D21A44B0E5886680CB9
12 hex C20AD4D76FE97759AA27A0C99BFF6710
0x12 hex A1B3B99420CCB03C65E4BCB7AEBCA4FC

SHA256 Device Control Two

input value base output hash
DC2 char F299791CDDD3D6664F6670842812EF6053EB6501BD6282A476BBBF3EE91E750C
18 dec 4EC9599FC203D176A301536C2E091A19BC852759B255BD6818810A42C5FED14A
00010010 bin 98B5F1CE0B3F7358371FCD68025C504B9A284CC4BBF665733897248EBD21E115
0001 0010 bin 0ADD288C3D09701EFFCB56841DD23441325C194312699052FB16D9C7DF4909CA
22 oct 785F3EC7EB32F30B90CD0FCF3657D388B5FF4297F2F9716FF66E9B69C05DDD09
12 hex 6B51D431DF5D7F141CBECECCF79EDF3DD861C3B4069F0B11661A3EEFACBBA918
0x12 hex 9AE35ACD7B52054453EA0CCFC4312677B22E69A171E5891AA87B664668D90FF3

Base64 Device Control Two

input value base output hash
DC2 char Eg==
18 dec MTg=
00010010 bin MDAwMTAwMTA=
0001 0010 bin MDAwMSAwMDEw
22 oct MjI=
12 hex MTI=
0x12 hex MHgxMg==
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