About NAK

Integer ASCII code: 21
Binary code: 0001 0101
Octal code: 25
Hexadecimal code: 15
Group: control
Seq: ^U

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9237 (html &#9237) hex code: 2415 (html &#x2415)


Negative acknowledge is sent by a station in the role of negative answer to the station with which the connection was established. In binary synchronous communication protocol, the NAK is used in order to show that in the previously received block some error was detected. The second function is to show that the receiver can take retransmission of that block. In multipoint systems, the NAK is used as the unprepared answer to a survey.


input value base type output hash
NAK char MD5 f5a7e477cd3042b49a9085d62307cd28
NAK char SHA1 7762eabf9387fe8ec5d648cd3b1d9eb6d820caa2
21 dec MD5 3c59dc048e8850243be8079a5c74d079
21 dec SHA1 472b07b9fcf2c2451e8781e944bf5f77cd8457c8
00010101 bin MD5 335fd7aa135ae37977c4eac3483bc38e
00010101 bin SHA1 20422cad404c747b73845d001b7d9c90631895ea
0001 0101 bin MD5 6cc541ffcfcee24519da5c55ffd141b4
0001 0101 bin SHA1 88a14f33a1ec412790eeea782d2eb0efc8f2c894
25 oct MD5 8e296a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec
25 oct SHA1 f6e1126cedebf23e1463aee73f9df08783640400
15 hex MD5 9bf31c7ff062936a96d3c8bd1f8f2ff3
15 hex SHA1 f1abd670358e036c31296e66b3b66c382ac00812
0x15 hex MD5 dcc50dd8a7b4a5068c9931f30126e40a
0x15 hex SHA1 52188a82c8314fa880ca7e5c62c48c2f5af41266
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