About SYN

Integer ASCII code: 22
Binary code: 0001 0110
Octal code: 26
Hexadecimal code: 16
Group: control
Seq: ^V

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9238 (html &#9238) hex code: 2416 (html &#x2416)


It's not hard to guess, that Synchronous Idle is used in synchronous transmission systems in order to make a signal. From this signal a synchronous correction may be accomplished between data terminal equipment, especially in cases when no other character is being transmitted.

Synchronous Idle (SYN) is the ASCII control character 22 (0x16). In caret notation SYN is designated as ^V. The appropriate character in EBCDIC is 50 (0x32). The Synchronous Idle is perfectly suitable for use in some synchronous serial communication systems, for example Teletype machines or the Binary Synchronous (Bisync) protocol. The use of Synchronous Idle here makes a signal. From it one can accomplish a synchronous correction between data terminal equipment, especially when no additional character is being transmitted.

The SYN character possesses the following bit pattern: 00010110 (EBCDIC 00110010). It has one interesting feature: it is different from any bit-wise rotation of itself. This helps bit-alignment of synchronous idles sequences.


MD5 Synchronous Idle

input value base output hash
SYN char BF6D6C819EC975B043AEC502167C3D15
22 dec B6D767D2F8ED5D21A44B0E5886680CB9
00010110 bin 3195F9A5F38301EF33C4BDDF935AF974
0001 0110 bin 559AAEB8C3A61B995553284530E6A45F
26 oct 4E732CED3463D06DE0CA9A15B6153677
16 hex C74D97B01EAE257E44AA9D5BADE97BAF
0x16 hex 0A6D76999E52EEFE6289821F23804446

SHA256 Synchronous Idle

input value base output hash
SYN char 7CB7C4547CF2653590D7A9ACE60CC623D25148ADFBC88A89AEB0EF88DA7839BA
22 dec 785F3EC7EB32F30B90CD0FCF3657D388B5FF4297F2F9716FF66E9B69C05DDD09
00010110 bin 3E7C6782CD35E44F5EE5EB0C29F13045DE3CE9BA0BC578CB9C417521BDE231F0
0001 0110 bin 1C8CA2D5D1809C72E0E396DCD544F2D268E88568E27B2F7E5B72C412638C323B
26 oct 5F9C4AB08CAC7457E9111A30E4664920607EA2C115A1433D7BE98E97E64244CA
16 hex B17EF6D19C7A5B1EE83B907C595526DCB1EB06DB8227D650D5DDA0A9F4CE8CD9
0x16 hex D7D42013B0BCAA7623059EF2028A7E82049D90021BBAF73CDCB8A60817156F0C

Base64 Synchronous Idle

input value base output hash
SYN char Fg==
22 dec MjI=
00010110 bin MDAwMTAxMTA=
0001 0110 bin MDAwMSAwMTEw
26 oct MjY=
16 hex MTY=
0x16 hex MHgxNg==
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