About EM

Integer ASCII code: 25
Binary code: 0001 1001
Octal code: 31
Hexadecimal code: 19
Group: control
Seq: ^Y

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9241 (html &#9241) hex code: 2419 (html &#x2419)


End of medium designed as means of reflecting on paper or magnetic tapes that the person has reached the end of the usable portion of the tape and the new tape has to be inserted.


input value base type output hash
EM char MD5 e5ea7fb51ff27a20c3f622df66b9acdc
EM char SHA1 e9c5d7db93a1c17d45c5820daf458224bfa7a725
25 dec MD5 8e296a067a37563370ded05f5a3bf3ec
25 dec SHA1 f6e1126cedebf23e1463aee73f9df08783640400
00011001 bin MD5 87691faddbbe00d48db95f72b9e3864c
00011001 bin SHA1 1a951b40ea38323e9b27cce37680b8704951b289
0001 1001 bin MD5 de46112c4f1502316aac7b190c5fd381
0001 1001 bin SHA1 675470cbfa7e17cc7b0e16ad68bc1232703ab7d3
31 oct MD5 c16a5320fa475530d9583c34fd356ef5
31 oct SHA1 632667547e7cd3e0466547863e1207a8c0c0c549
19 hex MD5 1f0e3dad99908345f7439f8ffabdffc4
19 hex SHA1 b3f0c7f6bb763af1be91d9e74eabfeb199dc1f1f
0x19 hex MD5 a23be636b5b094fc242c4a2e67bac23a
0x19 hex SHA1 f331dcff7d8d4bcdc45806eaee961fb570ffc862
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