About EM

Integer ASCII code: 25
Binary code: 0001 1001
Octal code: 31
Hexadecimal code: 19
Group: control
Seq: ^Y

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9241 (html &#9241) hex code: 2419 (html &#x2419)


End of medium designed as means of reflecting on paper or magnetic tapes that the person has reached the end of the usable portion of the tape and the new tape has to be inserted.


MD5 End of medium

input value base output hash
EM char E5EA7FB51FF27A20C3F622DF66B9ACDC
25 dec 8E296A067A37563370DED05F5A3BF3EC
00011001 bin 87691FADDBBE00D48DB95F72B9E3864C
0001 1001 bin DE46112C4F1502316AAC7B190C5FD381
31 oct C16A5320FA475530D9583C34FD356EF5
19 hex 1F0E3DAD99908345F7439F8FFABDFFC4
0x19 hex A23BE636B5B094FC242C4A2E67BAC23A

SHA256 End of medium

input value base output hash
EM char 68AA2E2EE5DFF96E3355E6C7EE373E3D6A4E17F75F9518D843709C0C9BC3E3D4
25 dec B7A56873CD771F2C446D369B649430B65A756BA278FF97EC81BB6F55B2E73569
00011001 bin DAD33255459EA4917EA352A96A5A1DFD952674875CF7FC719FB817885EFED38B
0001 1001 bin 1CFDC80523BA9211A459ABA4F1A8FDDF24205AF3D848BB6BAFCC087B78F93CD3
31 oct EB1E33E8A81B697B75855AF6BFCDBCBF7CBBDE9F94962CEAEC1ED8AF21F5A50F
19 hex 9400F1B21CB527D7FA3D3EABBA93557A18EBE7A2CA4E471CFE5E4C5B4CA7F767
0x19 hex 6E003609F0B74B2CD53B48306AC894C37BE647D817FC85090FB3ADDF8BA4E3F5

Base64 End of medium

input value base output hash
EM char GQ==
25 dec MjU=
00011001 bin MDAwMTEwMDE=
0001 1001 bin MDAwMSAxMDAx
31 oct MzE=
19 hex MTk=
0x19 hex MHgxOQ==
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