About CAN

Integer ASCII code: 24
Binary code: 0001 1000
Octal code: 30
Hexadecimal code: 18
Group: control
Seq: ^X

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9240 (html &#9240) hex code: 2418 (html &#x2418)


This character shows that the previous data have an error or are to be left without paying attention to it.

In telecommunication the term cancel character has the different meanings. You can find them below:

* A control character ("CAN", U+0018, or ^X) is used in order to show that the data with which it is related are erroneous or are to be left without paying attention to it.

* A control character ("CCH", U+0094) is used in order to clean up the previous character. This character was created in the role of definite alternative to the backspace character, which is more usual ("BS", U+0008). Now it's pretty outdated, having generally obsolete alternative function. Nowadays it makes the following character to be superimposed on the previous one.


MD5 Cancel

input value base output hash
CAN char CBA81ACD53FD7719F0AA9495935A872B
24 dec 1FF1DE774005F8DA13F42943881C655F
00011000 bin 5E99FABB784D44FF47649E5923AA2C3F
0001 1000 bin ABC4350021EEB84FD5F040EA50144F85
30 oct 34173CB38F07F89DDBEBC2AC9128303F
18 hex 6F4922F45568161A8CDF4AD2299F6D23
0x18 hex B0757D5C3880247054302EEE28D9D08C

SHA256 Cancel

input value base output hash
CAN char 452BA1DDEF80246C48BE7690193C76C1D61185906BE9401014FE14F1BE64B74F
24 dec C2356069E9D1E79CA924378153CFBBFB4D4416B1F99D41A2940BFDB66C5319DB
00011000 bin 5D31006F1984E113E08A987CBAA73010B4BEF23AD629EF4DF2F6372E7B26C03D
0001 1000 bin 6A76C6BA48377C9446BAEC8924C8898FB74F8898B5DD8D23773D91A76998471E
30 oct 624B60C58C9D8BFB6FF1886C2FD605D2ADEB6EA4DA576068201B6C6958CE93F4
18 hex 4EC9599FC203D176A301536C2E091A19BC852759B255BD6818810A42C5FED14A
0x18 hex D47C026E259D9DB76150820B2EBF45A70EB6F3AFA56D9ABB9E30D8FD93A804C6

Base64 Cancel

input value base output hash
CAN char GA==
24 dec MjQ=
00011000 bin MDAwMTEwMDA=
0001 1000 bin MDAwMSAxMDAw
30 oct MzA=
18 hex MTg=
0x18 hex MHgxOA==
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