About FS

Integer ASCII code: 28
Binary code: 0001 1100
Octal code: 34
Hexadecimal code: 1C
Group: control
Seq: ^\

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9244 (html &#9244) hex code: 241C (html &#x241C)


All of them be used in the role of delimiters in order to mark fields of data structures. If we're talking about the hierarchical levels, US is the lowest level here (dividing plain-text data items), while RS, GS, and FS are of increasing level in order to split groups made up of items of the lower level.


MD5 File Separator

input value base output hash
FS char 0398B4090F24ADBCCC218219F5746B10
28 dec 33E75FF09DD601BBE69F351039152189
00011100 bin 02299C115A6036241F086F8741092EAA
0001 1100 bin F91F2E6DD75D53B430447B6A07E7EA8E
34 oct E369853DF766FA44E1ED0FF613F563BD
0x1C hex 2013FC68CDFC062203242202633213A8

SHA256 File Separator

input value base output hash
FS char BD4FC42A21F1F860A1030E6EBA23D53ECAB71BD19297AB6C074381D4ECEE0018
28 dec 59E19706D51D39F66711C2653CD7EB1291C94D9B55EB14BDA74CE4DC636D015A
00011100 bin 1FD50F54A2A4312F133E4F09B382AFE6B09BED08E54A9165F36ACAB3F9D40F0A
0001 1100 bin 0AACAFA8A752398A3CAEFA553FDFFCCD46D8C75E4FEBC7EBCEBF02F3D1371F97
34 oct 86E50149658661312A9E0B35558D84F6C6D3DA797F552A9657FE0558CA40CDEF
1C hex 0F88B97C919E52E2D207E9216AA8F809D8F0BD9E4A917248303B57D6CCE82048
0x1C hex E4090AE769DD8CE332D8C1CDECA457624078448A8B1437B44A679704A69C0B7E

Base64 File Separator

input value base output hash
FS char HA==
28 dec Mjg=
00011100 bin MDAwMTExMDA=
0001 1100 bin MDAwMSAxMTAw
34 oct MzQ=
1C hex MUM=
0x1C hex MHgxQw==
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