About FS

Integer ASCII code: 28
Binary code: 0001 1100
Octal code: 34
Hexadecimal code: 1C
Group: control
Seq: ^\

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9244 (html &#9244) hex code: 241C (html &#x241C)


All of them be used in the role of delimiters in order to mark fields of data structures. If we're talking about the hierarchical levels, US is the lowest level here (dividing plain-text data items), while RS, GS, and FS are of increasing level in order to split groups made up of items of the lower level.


input value base type output hash
FS char MD5 0398b4090f24adbccc218219f5746b10
FS char SHA1 b830c46d24068069f0a43687826f355b21fdb941
28 dec MD5 33e75ff09dd601bbe69f351039152189
28 dec SHA1 0a57cb53ba59c46fc4b692527a38a87c78d84028
00011100 bin MD5 02299c115a6036241f086f8741092eaa
00011100 bin SHA1 91b089057e4044f4677af13467516746dd3e96f0
0001 1100 bin MD5 f91f2e6dd75d53b430447b6a07e7ea8e
0001 1100 bin SHA1 0bd91173bf3749dfd32eed605bec18cefa4fde39
34 oct MD5 e369853df766fa44e1ed0ff613f563bd
34 oct SHA1 f1f836cb4ea6efb2a0b1b99f41ad8b103eff4b59
1C hex MD5 c1bf41d82adc8c5d53cce0ede0c16bbc
1C hex SHA1 3d68576841953431638ac46dad1dde21b911d101
0x1C hex MD5 2013fc68cdfc062203242202633213a8
0x1C hex SHA1 2fa23e0955cf001c7db1ec190a3a93dd2935812a
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