About GS

Integer ASCII code: 29
Binary code: 0001 1101
Octal code: 35
Hexadecimal code: 1D
Group: control
Seq: ^]

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9245 (html &#9245) hex code: 241D (html &#x241D)


All of them be used in the role of delimiters in order to mark fields of data structures. If we're talking about the hierarchical levels, US is the lowest level here (dividing plain-text data items), while RS, GS, and FS are of increasing level in order to split groups made up of items of the lower level.


MD5 Group Separator

input value base output hash
GS char EB259EDBAA608EB2208046619B484668
29 dec 6EA9AB1BAA0EFB9E19094440C317E21B
00011101 bin 8B1BA97AA9579C7152303060089F330A
0001 1101 bin 0AB11EAF907DCA4576A8A6DBDAFCF28A
35 oct 1C383CD30B7C298AB50293ADFECB7B18
1D hex F149C23CF5B13E619E76D9F013CA0D5E
0x1D hex 307BA71A6F9E74A50C5B8C48A7C2D7F3

SHA256 Group Separator

input value base output hash
GS char 1F18D650D205D71D934C3646FF5FAC1C096BA52EBA4CF758B865364F4167D3CD
29 dec 35135AAA6CC23891B40CB3F378C53A17A1127210CE60E125CCF03EFCFDAEC458
00011101 bin A8E84451D532BAA9896FAB3D8C5CC0F2CE533F6995124F2F2A4CC52610B029F7
0001 1101 bin 14BC4BA47F30152C1164B8C4D11CDFD89ACBF2C4FC3020F0C1DD82BDD34DF025
35 oct 9F14025AF0065B30E47E23EBB3B491D39AE8ED17D33739E5FF3827FFB3634953
1D hex 065387C9635840B850255BBCA50FAA931FBC6E68CB69AF08B8146EADAFCCBD25
0x1D hex A2161A0FA2C7720101C534CD9EED1AFBD7AA2534D63F5D462319C92E534150CC

Base64 Group Separator

input value base output hash
GS char HQ==
29 dec Mjk=
00011101 bin MDAwMTExMDE=
0001 1101 bin MDAwMSAxMTAx
35 oct MzU=
1D hex MUQ=
0x1D hex MHgxRA==
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