About ETX

Integer ASCII code: 3
Binary code: 0000 0011
Octal code: 3
Hexadecimal code: 03
Group: control
Seq: ^C

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9219 (html &#9219) hex code: 2403 (html &#x2403)


Frequently used as a "break" character (Ctrl-C) to interrupt or end a program or process.

Let's move on to the ETX character. The End-of-Text character (ETX) (hex value of 0x03, frequently showed as ^C) is an ASCII control character. Its function is to let the receiving computer know that the end of the data stream has been reached. This is an indicator, but not necessarily the stated fact that all of the data has been received.

What's more, it's frequently used in a role of a "break" character (Control-C) to interrupt a program or process. It was also used in TOPS-20, in order to gain the system's attention before logging in.

It is frequently used alongside with Start of Text (STX) and Data Link Escape (DLE) in order to determine boundaries in the Data link layer.

mIRC chooses ETX to be the color character escape character.


input value base type output hash
ETX char MD5 8666683506aacd900bbd5a74ac4edf68
ETX char SHA1 9842926af7ca0a8cca12604f945414f07b01e13d
3 dec MD5 eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3
3 dec SHA1 77de68daecd823babbb58edb1c8e14d7106e83bb
00000011 bin MD5 3d141acc069ac4650875bf290d585386
00000011 bin SHA1 d5aa7a0d84e75e2522f16d9a986139c04cc51545
0000 0011 bin MD5 df3670ef1850e5efe0faa228266590e2
0000 0011 bin SHA1 76e0f090d3be6e1a94adebc35bf34c38c7559baf
3 oct MD5 eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3
3 oct SHA1 77de68daecd823babbb58edb1c8e14d7106e83bb
03 hex MD5 e45ee7ce7e88149af8dd32b27f9512ce
03 hex SHA1 3ea6c91e241f256e5e3a88ebd647372022323a53
0x03 hex MD5 0ffe194a8514615c8d7b54f05875d57d
0x03 hex SHA1 9fc6fa67f2a46c7a35273aae8718728e912515b9
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