About ETX

Integer ASCII code: 3
Binary code: 0000 0011
Octal code: 3
Hexadecimal code: 03
Group: control
Seq: ^C

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9219 (html &#9219) hex code: 2403 (html &#x2403)


Frequently used as a "break" character (Ctrl-C) to interrupt or end a program or process.

Let's move on to the ETX character. The End-of-Text character (ETX) (hex value of 0x03, frequently showed as ^C) is an ASCII control character. Its function is to let the receiving computer know that the end of the data stream has been reached. This is an indicator, but not necessarily the stated fact that all of the data has been received.

What's more, it's frequently used in a role of a "break" character (Control-C) to interrupt a program or process. It was also used in TOPS-20, in order to gain the system's attention before logging in.

It is frequently used alongside with Start of Text (STX) and Data Link Escape (DLE) in order to determine boundaries in the Data link layer.

mIRC chooses ETX to be the color character escape character.


MD5 End of Text

input value base output hash
ETX char 8666683506AACD900BBD5A74AC4EDF68
3 dec ECCBC87E4B5CE2FE28308FD9F2A7BAF3
00000011 bin 3D141ACC069AC4650875BF290D585386
0000 0011 bin DF3670EF1850E5EFE0FAA228266590E2
3 oct ECCBC87E4B5CE2FE28308FD9F2A7BAF3
03 hex E45EE7CE7E88149AF8DD32B27F9512CE
0x03 hex 0FFE194A8514615C8D7B54F05875D57D

SHA256 End of Text

input value base output hash
ETX char 084FED08B978AF4D7D196A7446A86B58009E636B611DB16211B65A9AADFF29C5
3 dec 4E07408562BEDB8B60CE05C1DECFE3AD16B72230967DE01F640B7E4729B49FCE
00000011 bin 86C8F7AA535EB123DC1232F0D0D35FE0ABD2D0A5412A11B042B46B8D384DAB75
0000 0011 bin 3952056D61DC6358275642A410E38E556007900C493075F21F4C0AD76B5D06D3
3 oct 4E07408562BEDB8B60CE05C1DECFE3AD16B72230967DE01F640B7E4729B49FCE
03 hex 0B8EFA5A3BF104413A725C6FF0459A6BE12B1FD33314CBB138745BAF39504AE5
0x03 hex 9D1B8D1FC2D36E62455FE6A1CBCE41674E0E163B5FE0624E8FBB192E230CFEED

Base64 End of Text

input value base output hash
ETX char Aw==
3 dec Mw==
00000011 bin MDAwMDAwMTE=
0000 0011 bin MDAwMCAwMDEx
3 oct Mw==
03 hex MDM=
0x03 hex MHgwMw==
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