About US

Integer ASCII code: 31
Binary code: 0001 1111
Octal code: 37
Hexadecimal code: 1F
Group: control
Seq: ^_

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9247 (html &#9247) hex code: 241F (html &#x241F)


All of them be used in the role of delimiters in order to mark fields of data structures. If we're talking about the hierarchical levels, US is the lowest level here (dividing plain-text data items), while RS, GS, and FS are of increasing level in order to split groups made up of items of the lower level.


input value base type output hash
US char MD5 ad1e41cebd43e64af1a28d4d70dc9e30
US char SHA1 953efe8f531a5a87f6d2d5a65b78b05e55599abc
31 dec MD5 c16a5320fa475530d9583c34fd356ef5
31 dec SHA1 632667547e7cd3e0466547863e1207a8c0c0c549
00011111 bin MD5 22c5f36a390467aeca14e792098f6b1d
00011111 bin SHA1 e697dff5865412599b625a8540839230b590c9de
0001 1111 bin MD5 7806ce3743f462c828673a42febc8b92
0001 1111 bin SHA1 31a5ba514d90b8f96cb332918699b92e1980097e
37 oct MD5 a5bfc9e07964f8dddeb95fc584cd965d
37 oct SHA1 cb7a1d775e800fd1ee4049f7dca9e041eb9ba083
1F hex MD5 37ddd4ecf4665fbb55fc6337b18fe9ba
1F hex SHA1 e2e11f3beeec89b76a591d0601002b7d1a470076
0x1F hex MD5 5ce3df4d1388ed3aafd6657fef6c433b
0x1F hex SHA1 dbea8cd007898de3c8a902068e956c9cd09ab50e
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