About RS

Integer ASCII code: 30
Binary code: 0001 1110
Octal code: 36
Hexadecimal code: 1E
Group: control
Seq: ^^

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9246 (html &#9246) hex code: 241E (html &#x241E)


All of them be used in the role of delimiters in order to mark fields of data structures. If we're talking about the hierarchical levels, US is the lowest level here (dividing plain-text data items), while RS, GS, and FS are of increasing level in order to split groups made up of items of the lower level.


MD5 Record Separator

input value base output hash
RS char 7BC72A0767D237BE4DA30ACE191ACDC2
30 dec 34173CB38F07F89DDBEBC2AC9128303F
00011110 bin AE5845C94BB4B6C2BDC605A1ABBC2199
0001 1110 bin 032CA12C3A95BE9C015147917EA23599
36 oct 19CA14E7EA6328A42E0EB13D585E4C22
1E hex 7EA03AD2C1F68EA6C27D944BCBC298C5
0x1E hex 7B30F4B630D96F82F745198D824AAA1E

SHA256 Record Separator

input value base output hash
RS char 9652595F37EDD08C51DFA26567E6CD76E6FA2709C3E578478CA398D316837A7A
30 dec 624B60C58C9D8BFB6FF1886C2FD605D2ADEB6EA4DA576068201B6C6958CE93F4
00011110 bin D1255FBE519CBB674981045FE834CB512830191466E4EC13C8353AFA88792B42
0001 1110 bin 08FFF3FE85F2015150A5B042B700E8AD2190B26202894B54C8849371ADBA963F
36 oct 76A50887D8F1C2E9301755428990AD81479EE21C25B43215CF524541E0503269
1E hex AB61FA17231FE8FE9E1CD7D274F55E33E5B518348CDED84FD6B67BADCDD00B47
0x1E hex 43F5FB0FB563DDA1A276265063C1223480B35A3EF503A3DABBED2DBA8FFD2E0C

Base64 Record Separator

input value base output hash
RS char Hg==
30 dec MzA=
00011110 bin MDAwMTExMTA=
0001 1110 bin MDAwMSAxMTEw
36 oct MzY=
1E hex MUU=
0x1E hex MHgxRQ==
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