About ETB

Integer ASCII code: 23
Binary code: 0001 0111
Octal code: 27
Hexadecimal code: 17
Group: control
Seq: ^W

Unicode symbol: , int code: 9239 (html &#9239) hex code: 2417 (html &#x2417)


End of Transmission Block shows the end of a transmission block of data in case when data are separated into such blocks for achieving some transmission goals.

End of Transmission Block is a pretty long phrase to write or even pronounce, so in the C0 control code set which is used in ASCII, End-of-Transmission-Block character has a short abbreviation name ETB (code 23, or 0x17, or ^W in caret notation). It is a communication control character which has the function of showing the end of a data block for achieving any communications goals. Besides, ETB is used for blocking data in cases when the structure of block is not necessarily related to the processing function.


MD5 End of Transmission Block

input value base output hash
ETB char 84FF14FA45BE3CA4739E7C027717A541
23 dec 37693CFC748049E45D87B8C7D8B9AACD
00010111 bin C39DDEF288635BA16078CE73364C1D42
0001 0111 bin 3527A547BCDA96B2CA311FBF7699AFDB
27 oct 02E74F10E0327AD868D138F2B4FDD6F0
17 hex 70EFDF2EC9B086079795C442636B55FB
0x17 hex EDACD9DBC6AE3A46F3566F48C5E03460

SHA256 End of Transmission Block

input value base output hash
ETB char 8F11B05DA785E43E713D03774C6BD3405D99CD3024AF334FFD68DB663AA37034
23 dec 535FA30D7E25DD8A49F1536779734EC8286108D115DA5045D77F3B4185D8F790
00010111 bin 834C6A5A2BFA9C89F57764263BCE8E9DA7C4F94D22432C2D71D5FDE2B26F7321
0001 0111 bin FD0F0D80A9CE512DA1935013E8C4C72E9290DA45ECC674400B181AF9C1D91725
27 oct 670671CD97404156226E507973F2AB8330D3022CA96E0C93BDBDB320C41ADCAF
17 hex 4523540F1504CD17100C4835E85B7EEFD49911580F8EFFF0599A8F283BE6B9E3
0x17 hex A99EEB77C2D424E49C0BF34E7729C2821D5D62EDBA7093A10B09C7CDAAFE1D8D

Base64 End of Transmission Block

input value base output hash
ETB char Fw==
23 dec MjM=
00010111 bin MDAwMTAxMTE=
0001 0111 bin MDAwMSAwMTEx
27 oct Mjc=
17 hex MTc=
0x17 hex MHgxNw==
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